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Our goal is to produce cattle that exemplify the traits of the mother cow that have made the Angus breed popular. We extensively use A.I. which allows us to utilize the best genetics available to improve our cowherd. Every cow is A.I.ed the first cycle, clean-up A.I.ed the second cycle, and then bull bred for one cycle if necessary. Fertility is one of the most economically relevant traits to all cattlemen, and we try to produce highly fertile animals by having a short breeding period and putting high emphasis on cows catching A.I. We are striving to produce cattle that have correct structure, high growth, calving ease, maternal instinct, milk, and docility. Along with a cow that produces a steer with added muscle, ribeye area, and adequate marbling. As we move forward we are also putting more emphasis on harder to measure traits such as longevity, stay-ability, and feed efficiency.


Schmitt Angus started in 2002 when Lane bought a registered heifer calf at the NILE Female Sale from Nissen Angus to start a 4-H beef breeding project. From that single heifer the herd has been built up to 30 head. We owe a lot of thanks to Nissen Angus for helping us get started raising registered cattle and they graciously let us offer our bulls through their annual Nissen Angus Bull sale, the first Wednesday in April. Heifers have been offered for sale through the NILE Female Sale and private treaty.


Our Goal

Annual Production Sale

April 4, 2018



Schmitt Angus is an expanding registered Angus operation located in Chinook, MT. The cattle are owned by brothers Lane and Scott Schmitt. Lane is in his third year studying Animal Science at Montana State University and will be entering veterinary school at Washington State University in 2014. Scott is a freshman at Montana Tech studying Geo-physical engineering.


Our cows are due to calve February 15, are bred in early May, and spend the spring grazing crested wheat pasture. During the summer and early fall they are run on native and brome grass pasture. In the middle of September, the cows are moved to grass hay field regrowth until weaning the first week of October. After weaning, the bull calves go to Hould Feedlot in Malta to be grown out with Nissen’s bulls for the April sale, and the heifers graze on the hay field and are supplemented with sweetPro tubs and grass hay during the winter for a projected 1.5 lb/day gain until breeding. We strive for the bull calves to have adjusted 205 day weights at a minimum of 700 lbs in order to be a prospective sale bull. The cows return to native grass in the fall until the temperature and watering situation dictate the feeding of hay. This is ideally not until the first of the year.

Our Cattle

We potentially have nine bulls for sale this year in the 2017 Nissen Angus Bull Sale, April 5th at the Blaine County Fairgrounds in Chinook. If you are interested in the bulls, private treaty heifers, or have any questions, contact me at or (406) 390-2275.


Thank you for your interest,

Lane & Scott Schmitt





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